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Training Diploma/Bachelor’s or Master’s theses Internships His compatriots reverently call him the “little giant”. Isambard Kingdom Brunel is barely 1.60 meters tall, but the engineer changed England in the 19th century like no man before him. Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s trickiest project is the construction of the Thames Tunnel around the year 1828 © Anne Bernhardi for GEOlino “Run for your lives!” The fact that Isambard Brunel lived past the age of 21 was only thanks to a huge portion of luck. On January 12, 1828, the young engineer was working on a tunnel under the Thames in London when suddenly water broke in. In seconds, a tidal wave races through the tube and sweeps the workers away. Six men die. Brunel drifts unconscious in the floodwaters. Until his assistant pulls him out at the last second and saves him. Typical Brunel, you might say. Probably no other engineer in the 19th century constructed such daring structures and put himself in danger so often: Brunel broke bones, suffered burns and almost drowned. He fails, again and again. Nevertheless, the little man, who likes to be photographed with a huge top hat, changes England like few before: He builds the longest tunnels of his time. He built breathtaking bridges over deep gorges. And he builds ships that are so huge that people are amazed when they see them. His father Marc Brunel was already a famous engineer. From an early age, the young Isambard’s life is played out between building materials, mathematical formulas and technical drawings. At the age of eight, he can already calculate better than most adults. After only a few years of school, at just 16, his father hires him to work in his engineering firm. © Anne Bernhardi for GEOlino

Building the Thames Tunnel

His first project, the construction of the Thames Tunnel, is super tricky right away. Nowhere else in the world has anyone dared to build a tunnel under a navigable river. Brunel slaves away 20 hours a day and is even promoted to chief engineer in 1827. Too early, as it turns out. Again and again, accidents occur. After the disaster in 1828, construction is halted for the time being. The young engineer is seriously injured, but not a bit discouraged! While still on vacation, a new project captivates him: near Bristol, a bridge is to be built over one of the deepest gorges in England. As if it were nothing, Brunel proposes the longest suspension bridge in the world. He gets the contract – and immediately gets into danger again… When he tries to whiz from one side of the gorge to the other on a kind of cable car, because there is initially no other connection, the vehicle gets stuck. Brunel climbs out at a dizzying height and unhooks it by hand. The crazy action suddenly makes him famous. Construction on the “Clifton Suspension Bridge” is later interrupted due to money problems. But by then the jack-of-all-trades is already busy with new projects – building railroad lines. Step by step to the top: During the construction of the Royal Albert Bridge, the workers lift the mighty iron girders only a little at a time while they continue building the pier below. It takes five years to complete the bridge © Anne Bernhardi for GEOlino

Brunel’s masterpiece: The Royal Albert Bridge

Around 1835, such construction in England was still a great adventure: there were no trucks to transport the building materials. Countless valleys and mountains block the way. Dynamite, which could be used to blast obstacles out of the way, had not yet been invented. During the construction of the almost three-kilometer-long Box Tunnel between Chippenham and Bath alone, up to 4,000 workers struggle with the mountain. 100 of them die. And yet Brunel is able to show his genius in the construction of the railroad lines. He solves every problem with tremendous ingenuity: sometimes he builds simple bridges out of wood to save time and money. Sometimes he combines beam, arch and suspension bridges to create unusual shapes – as with the “Royal Albert Bridge” over the River Tamar. That’s about as double as fastening a pair of pants with a button and suspenders. But in the end, the chunky thing sits rock solid on the treacherous, soft ground. Sad fate: Because the passengers don’t come, the Great Eastern only makes a few trips as a passenger ship. After that, she has a few more uses as a cable liner, concert hall and, as shown in the picture, as a billboard – before she is scrapped in 1889 © Anne Bernhardi for GEOlino

Brunel’s new projects: the construction of railroad lines

Where possible, the engineer even enchants with airy works of art: At Paddington station in London, for example, he makes the concourse float on elegant, thin struts. Only sometimes are Brunel’s ideas too revolutionary for his time: When he used “atmospheric trains” on some sections of track, which have no locomotive and advance by negative pressure like a pneumatic tube, rats thwarted his plan. The rodents keep eating important parts that are greased with cod liver oil. The super railroads are abandoned. Brunel builds countless bridges, several rail lines and tunnels in 30 years as an engineer. He even designs a “prefabricated hospital” that is brought to the Crimean peninsula during the war against Russia in 1855 and assembled there. Others would be done and done with this workload. But Brunel also began building passenger ships. His very first, the “Great Western,” broke all speed records. The paddle steamer carried passengers without stopping from Bristol in England to New York in America – a trip that no steamship had ever made before with its coal reserves. With his second, the “Great Britain,” Brunel ventured several innovations at once. The steamship is built of iron and, instead of paddle wheels, is propelled by a new type of propeller that turns at the stern of the ship like a propeller. Motor ships still use this technology today. 12,000 men and even children are working on the 211-meter-long Great Eastern. During launching, the ship is to be lowered into the water sideways, held by chains. The plan fails: a chain breaks and the ship moves only one meter. Only three months later, at the fourth attempt, does the giant reach the Thames © Anne Bernhardi for GEOlino

The “Great Eastern

But all this is nothing compared to his latest work, the “Great Eastern”: The colossus of steel measures 211 meters and is thus longer than any other ship in the world! Three different propulsion systems get it moving and amaze observers: a propeller weighing several tons whirls underwater. Two paddle wheels as high as a house turn sideways. And on board, sails billow from six giant masts. Brunel imagines the giant ship taking 4,000 passengers from England to Australia without so much as a stopover. Once again, it is a daring project. And it ends, once again, in disaster. Two days before the maiden voyage, the engineer suffers a stroke and dies at the age of only 53. On his “Great Eastern,” one fatal accident follows the next. Soon, passengers are shunning the broken-down ship. After only a few voyages, the giant is sold for a ridiculous price and later ends up as a cable liner. But this does not harm Isambard Brunel’s reputation. In the memory of his countrymen, he remains their country’s bravest builder!

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Brunel is a Noun. The noun or noun is the kind of word whose meaning determines reality. Nouns name all things: persons, objects, sensations, feelings, etc.


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Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Isambard Kingdom Brunel, FRS, was an English mechanical and civil engineer who built the dockyards, the Great Western Railway, a number of steamships, including the first propeller-driven transatlantic steamship, and numerous important bridges and tunnels. His designs revolutionized public transportation and modern engineering. Although Brunel’s projects were not always successful, they often contained innovative solutions to long-standing engineering problems. Während seiner kurzen Karriere erreichte Brunel viele Ingenieur-“Erstlinge”, darunter die Unterstützung beim Bau des ersten Tunnels unter einem schiffbaren Fluss und der Entwicklung von SS Großbritannien, dem ersten Propeller-gefahrenen Ozean-Eisen-Schiff, das damals auch war Das größte Schiff, das jemals gebaut wurde. Brunel setzte den Standard für eine sehr gut gebaute Eisenbahn, mit sorgfältigen Umfragen, um Noten und Kurven zu minimieren. Dies erforderte teure Bautechniken und neue Brücken und Viadukte und den zwei Meilen langen Kasten-Tunnel. Ein umstrittenes Merkmal war das breite Maßstab, ein “breiter Maßstab” von 7 ft 1/4 in, anstatt was später als “Standardlehre” von 4 ft 8 1/2 in bekannt war. Isambard Kingdom Brunel, FRS, was an English mechanical and civil engineer who built dockyards, the Great Western Railway, a series of steamships including the first propeller-driven transatlantic steamship and numerous important bridges and tunnels. His designs revolutionised public transport and modern engineering. Though Brunel’s projects were not always successful, they often contained innovative solutions to long-standing engineering problems. During his short career, Brunel achieved many engineering “firsts”, including assisting in the building of the first tunnel under a navigable river and development of SS Great Britain, the first propeller-driven ocean-going iron ship, which was at the time also the largest ship ever built. Brunel set the standard for a very well built railway, using careful surveys to minimise grades and curves. This necessitated expensive construction techniques and new bridges and viaducts, and the two-mile-long Box Tunnel. One controversial feature was the wide gauge, a “broad gauge” of 7 ft 1⁄4 in, instead of what was later to be known as ‘standard gauge’ of 4 ft 8 1⁄2 in.

Definition von Brunel im Wörterbuch Englisch

Die Definition von Brunel im Wörterbuch ist Isambard Kingdom. 1806-59, englischer Ingenieur: Entwerfer der Clifton-Hängebrücke, vieler Eisenbahnlinien, Tunnels, Brücken usw. und der Dampfschiffe Great Western, Great Britain und Great Eastern. Andere Definition von Brunel ist sein Vater, Sir Marc Isambard. 1769-1849, französischer Ingenieur in England. The definition of Brunel in the dictionary is Isambard Kingdom. 1806–59, English engineer: designer of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, many railway lines, tunnels, bridges, etc, and the steamships Great Western, Great Britain, and Great Eastern. Other definition of Brunel is his father, Sir Marc Isambard. 1769–1849, French engineer in England. Hier klicken, um die ursprüngliche Definition von «Brunel» auf Englisch zu sehen. Hier klicken, um die automatische Übersetzung der Definition auf Deutsch zu sehen.


Synonyme und Antonyme von Brunel auf Englisch im Synonymwörterbuch


Brunel brunel university ranking corporation cars staffing wiki mining drilling isambard kingdom mechanical civil engineer built dockyards great western railway series steamships including first propeller welcome london universities highly regarded place study founded offers multitude courses that combine excellence specialists provides business services specialising flexible deployment professionals field legal finance disciplines canada employment satisfaction survey would like to work with cannot find opening interests please submit your resume history biography photograph this british architect

Translation from Brunel to 25 languages


Learn how the translation of Brunel on 25 languages with our multilingual English translator. The translations from Brunel to other languages presented in this section have been achieved through automatic statistical translationwhere the base unit of translation is the word “Brunel” in English.

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布鲁内尔 1.325 million speakers

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Brunel 510 million speakers

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Brunel 380 million speakers

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برونيل 280 million speakers

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Brunel 278 million speakers

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Brunel 270 million speakers

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Brunel 260 million speakers

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Brunel 220 million speakers

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Brunel 190 million speakers

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Brunel 180 million speakers

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ブルネル 130 million speakers

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브루넬 85 million speakers

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Brunel 85 million speakers

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Brunel 80 million speakers

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ப்ரூனெல் 75 million speakers

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ब्रुनेल 75 million speakers

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Brunel 70 million speakers

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Brunel 65 million speakers

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Brunel 50 million speakers

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Brunel 40 million speakers

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Brunel 30 million speakers

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Brunel 15 million speakers

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Brunel 14 million speakers

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Brunel 10 million speakers

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Brunel 5 million speakers

Trends in the use of Brunel


The term “brunel” is frequently used and occupies the place 35.206 auf unserer Liste der meistgebrauchten Begriffe des Wörterbuch auf Englisch. HÄUFIGKEIT Häufig gebraucht Auf der vorherigen Grafik wird die Häufigkeit der Nutzung des Begriffs «Brunel» in den verschiedenen Ländern angezeigt. Wichtigste Tendenzen bei der Suche und dem allgemeinen Gebrauch von Brunel Liste der wichtigsten Suchen, die von den Nutzern bei dem Zugang zu unserem Wörterbuch Englisch durchgeführt wurden und die meistgebrauchten Ausdrücke mit dem Wort «Brunel».


Die Grafik druckt die jährlich Entwicklung der Nutzungshäufigkeit des Worts «Brunel» in den letzten 500 Jahren aus. Seine Implementierung basiert auf der Analyse der Häufigkeit des Auftretens des Begriffs «Brunel» in den digitalisierten gedruckten Quellen auf Englisch seit dem Jahr 1500 bis heute.

Zitate, Bibliographie und Aktuelles übe Brunel auf Englisch


Zitate und Redensarten mit dem Wort Brunel. I think Isambard Kingdom Brunel would be a good chap to have supper with. Anyone who builds a railway and then builds a steamship when he gets to Bristol and can’t go any further must be a good chap.


Entdecke den Gebrauch von Brunel in der folgenden bibliographischen Auswahl. Bücher, die mit Brunel im Zusammenhang stehen und kurze Auszüge derselben, um seinen Gebrauch in der Literatur kontextbezogen darzustellen. This book traces Brunel’s life and career, the man of immense energy who came to dominate civil engineering in the 19th century and whose legacy can still be seen nearly two centuries later. 2 Brunel: The Man Who Built the World This fascinating new book draws on Brunel’s own diaries, letters and sketchbooks to understand his life, times, and work. Isambard Kingdom Brunel was the outstanding entrepreneurial Victorian engineer. 4 Brunel: an engineering biography ” “Historians and all those interested in Brunel will find that this book provides a fresh analysis of the great achievements as well as the failures of Brunel’s career. 5 Integrated Wealth Management: The New Direction for … This book is an examination of the management of portfolios of high net worth individuals (HNWIs). Jean L.P. Brunel identifies the factors which demand a different approach from that of traditional portfolio management strategy. 6 Bunny Brunel‘s Power Bass: Soloing Secrets 7 The Works of Isambard Kingdom Brunel: An Engineering … Originally published in 1976, this book by a group of engineers, each distinguished for work in their field, describes the achievements of I. K. Brunel. 8 Brunel, Isambard Kingdom The greatest engineer of his age, Isambard Kingdom Brunel (1806-1859), accomplished works that others refused to contemplate: The Clifton suspension bridge over the Avon gorge at Bristol; the tunnel through almost two miles of solid rock at … This 400-page book features hundreds of colorful examples of the T-shirt at its legendary best, from its humble origins as an undergarment to its current star status as a classic piece of clothing worn by billions around the world. 10 Brunel: The Life and Times of Isambard Kingdom Brunel


Erfahre, worüber man in den einheimischen und internationalen Medien spricht und wie der Begriff Brunel im Kontext der folgenden Nachrichten gebraucht wird. Investigation after fire destroys boat at Neyland Brunel Quay FIRE investigation officers are working with police to determine the cause of a fire that destroyed a boat at Neyland’s Brunel Quay. Emergency … «Western Telegraph, Jul 15» Favaro among those cut by Brunel Italy coach Jacques Brunel has wielded the axe on his World Cup training squad, with flanker Simone Favaro among those absent from the … «RBS 6 Nations, Jul 15» Gala concert to celebrate 50 years of Hillingdon Borough “Presented in partnership with Brunel University London, the concert will also include performances by local rising opera star and Brunel … «getwestlondon, Jul 15» Animated tips on how you should and shouldn’t approach the … Now final year digital design student Harpreet Hakemzadeh from Brunel University London has produced a four minute animated short film … «Brunel University News, Jul 15» Unwanted Brunel students’ duvets given to dogs’ charities At the end of the academic year, hundreds of Brunel University students leave their unwanted duvets in their hall of residents. Hillingdon … «getwestlondon, Jul 15» Dogs and cats can snuggle up in unwanted Brunel duvets DUVETS no longer needed by Brunel University students at the end of the academic year have been collected by Hillingdon Council’s waste … «Hillingdon Times, Jun 15» Gala concert to celebrate life in London Borough of Hillingdon Musicians from across Hillingdon will take part in a special performance of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony at Brunel University London to mark … «Brunel University News, Jun 15» Commercial services team strikes gold with Investors in People Brunel’s commercial services team have been awarded gold, the highest Investors in People accreditation, for their commitment to realising the … «Brunel University News, Jun 15» Brunel wins the race, Abu Dhabi wins the in-port series GOTHENBURG, Sweden, June 27 – Team Brunel (Bouwe Bekking/NED) emerged victorious in the final act of the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15 … «My Sailing, Jun 15» Students bring a fresh perspective to design The event, which has helped establish Brunel University London as one of Europe’s leading universities for design, unveiled everything from … «Brunel University News, Jun 15» REFERENZ « EDUCALINGO. Brunel [online] , Dez 2022 ». Laden Sie die educalingo App herunter Discover more words on Brunel Meaning.

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