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Test Report At 450 euros, the B&W ASW 608 closed bass speaker is comparatively inexpensive. The test shows whether the mini subwoofer can also convince in sound. approx. 1:10 Min test report 1:10 Min”> home entertainment, loudspeaker, subwoofer © Josef Bleier, Stefan Rudnick, manufacturer, archive


  • for the size extreme low bass, well adaptable to the room acoustics


  • maximum level limited

B&W’s ASW608 is designed as a closed bass box, which benefits precision. The 20-centimeter chassis has 200 watts at its disposal to play down to 27 Hertz. Its diaphragm is a sandwich construction of Kevlar and paper, which provides enormous rigidity when combined. Especially with small, powerful, closed subwoofers, the diaphragm must be very stable to withstand the high pressures without deformation.

B&W ASW608: Connections

On the connection side, the Brit offers both line and high-level inputs. In addition to a phase switch, there is a variable low-pass filter (which can also be bypassed via a switch), a level control as well as three high-pass filtersto give the bass a higher level stability or more depth depending on the use in the home theater or in the classic hi-fi operation. A EQ switch also allows the level of the bass in the lower transmission range to be adjusted to the placement in the room. Switch position A is more good for corner placement in a resonant room, while position B is preferable in large rooms and free placement.

B&W ASW608: Sound

The measured values are already convincing: 100 decibels maximum level and 27 Hertz lower cut-off frequency are outstanding for a bass cube of this size. In terms of low bass, the ASW608 is best in class. The combination options of the EQ and bass extension switch settings are particularly useful. Any bass problems caused by the room acoustics can be circumvented as far as possible. Read more

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The potential of a subwoofer becomes apparent when playing the piece Half-Life by jazz saxophonist Peter Weniger. No other subwoofer in its price range was able to reproduce the powerful electric bass so richly.

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Information and review: Bowers & Wilkins ASW608 subwoofer

This guide will help you choose the Bowers & Wilkins Subwoofer ASW608 that best fits your home and lifestyle. If you’re a lover of movies and music, or just good sound quality, a subwoofer is essential. A subwoofer makes the low frequencies clearer and more powerful. So you’ll experience bass sound in a whole new way. Plus, there’s no need to buy additional speakers to reproduce the low frequencies because the subwoofer can already mix them with the normal audio signal. Before you buy the Bowers & Wilkins Subwoofer ASW608, you should know that you can buy this product from our online store. The high-quality product features are the main reason why Bowers & Wilkins Subwoofer ASW608 has gained popularity. Find out what else it has to offer!

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Article description

You should go by their subwoofer system and room acoustics. Also, the ASW608 has a built-in amplifier that delivers 600 watts RMS. This subwoofer is ideal for music lovers and people who like to hear loud bass in their music. You also get a subwoofer that you can easily place in a corner of the room. The Bowers & Wilkins ASW608 subwoofer is ideal for music and movie lovers.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Bowers & Wilkins ASW608 subwoofer?

With the Bowers & Wilkins ASW608 subwoofer, you’ll experience deep, powerful bass. The sound is natural and clear, even at high volumes. This subwoofer is perfect for music lovers who want a great listening experience. Other advantages of Bowers & Wilkins subwoofer ASW608 nozzle are that the sound of the subwoofer is much better, you can easily find an optimal placement and the sound is much weaker. However, there may be some disadvantages as well.

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • The depths of the Bowers & Wilkins subwoofer ASW608 are incredible.
  • They deliver powerful and accurate bass that brings any song to life.
  • The sound is balanced and pleasant to the ear.
  • The speakers look elegant and fit into any living room.

Bowers & Wilkins Subwoofer ASW608: Our review and customer ratings!

In a review, you’ll find that the Bowers & Wilkins Subwoofer ASW608 is great. The sound is powerful and clear, and the bass is deep and rich. The construction is sturdy and durable, and it has a nice finish. The unit works reliably and without any problems. I can recommend this subwoofer to anyone looking for good performance at a reasonable price.

What test criteria are important to us?

We compared the Bowers & Wilkins Subwoofer ASW608 based on criteria such as price, performance, and many other points. This Bowers & Wilkins Subwoofer ASW608 is a subwoofer of the Bowers & Wilkins brand. This way, you should be able to understand a Bowers & Wilkins Subwoofer ASW608 review. Product testers will also review the following aspects for “Bowers & Wilkins Subwoofer ASW608”: Testers will test the subwoofer’s sound after setting up the unit and integrating it into an existing home theater system. In particular, the deep bass should be powerful and well-tuned. In addition, the subwoofer’s casing will also be closely examined. Here it is particularly important that the subwoofer is stable and does not emit any annoying noises.

Test criteria

  • Subwoofer sound (volume, timbre, depth)
  • The connections on the subwoofer (number, type)
  • The subwoofer’s controls (number, type, ease of use)
  • The appearance of the subwoofer (surface, color, design)
  • The dimensions and weight of the subwoofer

Conclusion: customer opinion and rating

Customer reviews are positive about the Bowers & Wilkins ASW608 subwoofer. People find it beautifully designed, well built and powerful. However, some find it expensive and sometimes difficult to place in a room. In many reviews, the Bowers & Wilkins Subwoofer ASW608 gets an 8.0, so you can look forward to a subwoofer that produces powerful and detailed bass thanks to two 8-inch drive units connected in phase. The result is an impressive performance where every sound can be heard clearly – even the smallest details.

Video of the Bowers & Wilkins ASW608 subwoofer

Bowers & Wilkins 802 D4 – What makes for high-end speakers?

Watch on YouTube

Price comparison: Best deals for Bowers & Wilkins Subwoofer ASW608

You can get cheap deals for Bowers & Wilkins Subwoofer ASW608 on the following websites: You can buy Bowers & Wilkins Subwoofer ASW608 at the following German stores:

  • Amazon.de
  • Conrad.com
  • Cyberport.com

Bowers & Wilkins ASW608 in the test of the trade magazines


    • Published: 09/06/2019 |Edition: 10/2019
    • Test details

    76 out of 100 points

    Price/performance: “outstanding”, “highlight” 2 products in the test “The limits are clearly defined. But so are the opportunities. This sub was not created for the big home theater, but for cultivated music enjoyment. The subjective power is there, as is a record-breaking low bass, but not the enormous diaphragm diameter. The adjustment options are reduced but effective-sensible. Above all: Nothing booms here, here is clearly on line with precision music. …”


    • Published: 08/03/2012 |Edition: 9/2012
    • Test details

    “good” (72%)

    Price / performance: “outstanding”, “test winner” place 1 of 3 “Plus: for the size extreme low bass, well adaptable to the room acoustics. Minus: maximum level limited.”


    • Published: 02.01.2009 |Edition: 2/2009
    • Test details

    “very good” (82%)

    Price/performance: “very good” 2 products in test “… The woofer turned out to be highly sovereign, playing as deep as it was ultra-clean, giving the set an acoustic size that was in starkest contradiction to its dimensions. Small, inexpensive and surprisingly sonically powerful …”


    • Published: 08.09.2008 |Edition: 10/2008
    • Test details

    “good – very good” (70 points)

    Price/performance: “outstanding”, “highlight” 4th place out of 7 “Ultra-compact, inexpensive subwoofer with long excursion chassis and closed cabinet. It can’t handle extreme levels, but it can deliver pure bass and homogeneity. The insider tip for audiophiles!”

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Data sheet for Bowers & Wilkins ASW608

General Specifications
Type Subwoofer
Amplification Active
Ways 1
Construction Closed
Sound characteristics
Rated power / Rated power 40 W
Maximum power handling / output 200 W
Frequency range 25Hz – 140Hz
Sound pressure level 90 dB
Wireless connections
WLAN missing
Bluetooth missing
NFC missing
Analog (jack) missing
Analog (cinch) present
Digital (optical) missing
Digital (coaxial) missing
LAN missing
Headphones missing
Cinch (Subwoofer) missing
USB missing
HDMI-ARC missing
XLR missing
Dimensions & Weight
Width 26 cm
Depth 30 cm
Height 26 cm
Weight 8,9 kg
Further data
Frequency range (lower limit) 25 Hz

Further information about the B&W Bowers & Wilkins ASW608 can be found directly from the manufacturer at bowerswilkins.com.

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Test Report Sonically, the ASW 608 (450 euros) from B&W was on the fast and clean side. approx. 0:25 Min test report 0:25 Min”>

  1. Subwoofer B&W ASW 608
  2. Data sheet

Loudspeaker B&W ASW 608 © Archive An exceptionally thick rim suspension allows enormous diaphragm strokes. © Julian Bauer If there was a prize for smallest dimensions, the ASW 608 would have deserved it. The edge length of the almost cube-shaped enclosure is a full 26 centimeters, which does without noise-prone bass reflex ports. Instead, the well-behaved, forward-looking 8-inch unit (paper and Kevlar) had a more powerful stroke than only a few drivers in its class. Thanks to a cut-off frequency below 30 Hertz, the smallest woofer was physically one of the big ones, so its “only” 102 decibels of sound pressure were easily forgiven. Sonically, the 608 was on the fast and clean side. In addition, there was a phenomenally low localization and its talent for ultra-low coupling. This woofer belongs in every price-conscious audiophile household!

B&W; ASW 608

B&W; ASW 608
Manufacturer B&W;
Price 450.00 €
Rating 52.0 points
Test method 1.0

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