Drop Zone Carowinds

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Drop zone is a Noun. The noun or noun is the kind of word whose meaning determines reality. Nouns name all things: persons, objects, sensations, feelings, etc.


Click here, to see the original definition of drop zone in English. Click here, to see the automatic translation of the definition in German.

Drop zone

drop zone

A drop zone is a place where parachutists or skydivers deliveries land. It can be an area used for landing paratroopers or a base from which recreational parachutists and skydivers launch themselves in planes and land under parachutes, In the latter case it is often adjacent to a small airport, which often shares the facility with other general aviation. In relaxing drop zones, an area is usually set to the side for parachute landings. Staff at the site may include a drop zone operator or owner, manifests, pilots, instructors or trainers, camera operators, parachute packers and riggers, and other general staff. A drop zone is a place where parachutists or parachuted supplies land. It can be an area targeted for landing by paratroopers, or a base from which recreational parachutists and skydivers take off in aircraft and land under parachutes. In the latter case, it is often beside a small airport, frequently sharing the facility with other general aviation. At recreational drop zones, an area is generally set side for parachute landings. Personnel at the site may include a drop zone operator or owner, manifestors, pilots, instructors or coaches, camera operators, parachute packers and riggers, and other general staff.

Definition of drop zone in the English dictionary

The definition of drop zone in the dictionary is an area designated for the landing of troops or supplies. The definition of drop zone in the dictionary is an area designated for the landing of troops or supplies. Click here, to see the original definition of drop zone in English. Click here to see to see the automatic translation of the definition in German.


Synonyms and antonyms of drop zone in English in the dictionary of synonyms.


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translation from drop zone to 25 languages


Learn how the translation of drop zone to 25 languages with our multilingual English translator. The translations from drop zone to other languages presented in this section have been achieved through automatic statistical translationwhere the base unit of translation is the word “drop zone” in English.

Translator German – Chinese

拖放区 1.325 million speakers

Translator German – Spanish

zona de descenso 570 million speakers

Translator German – Hindi

ड्रॉप क्षेत्र 380 million speakers

Translators German – Arabic

منطقة الهبوط 280 million speakers

Translators German – Russian

зона падение 278 million speakers

Translator German – Portuguese

zona de rebaixamento 270 million speakers

German – Bengali

ড্রপ জোন 260 million speakers

Translator German – French

zone de largage 220 million speakers

German – Malaysian

Zon jatuh 190 million speakers

Translator German – German

Drop zone 180 million speakers

Translator German – Japanese

降下地域 130 million speakers

German – Korean translators Korean

드롭 존 85 million speakers

German – Javanese

Gulung zona 85 million speakers

German – Vietnamese

thả khu vực 80 million speakers

Translators German – Tamil

துளி மண்டலம் 75 million speakers

Translator German – Marathi

ड्रॉप झोन 75 million speakers

Translator German – Turkish

boşaltma noktası 70 million speakers

Translators German – Italian

zona di rilascio 65 million speakers

Translator German – Polish

strefa zrzutu 50 million speakers

Translators German – Ukrainian

зона падіння 40 million speakers

Translator German – Romanian

zona de picătură 30 million speakers

Translator German – Greek

ζώνη του υποβιβασμού 15 million speakers

Translator German – Afrikaans

drop zone 14 million speakers

German – Swedish

släppzon 10 million speakers

Translators German – Norwegian

slippsonen 5 million speakers

Trends in the use of drop zone


The term “drop zone” is used very frequently and occupies the place 18.513 on our list of the most used terms in the English dictionary. FREQUENCY Very frequently used The previous graph shows the frequency of use of the term “drop zone” in different countries. The most important trends in the search and general use of drop zone List of the most important searches performed by users when accessing our English dictionary and the most used expressions with the word “drop zone”.


The graph prints the annual evolution of the frequency of use of the word “drop zone” over the last 500 years. Its implementation is based on an analysis of the frequency of occurrence of the term “drop zone” in digitized printed sources in English from the 1500s to the present.

Citations, bibliography and news about drop zone in English.


Discover the use of drop zone in the following bibliographic selection. Books related to drop zone and brief excerpts from them to contextualize its use in the literature. With Jeannette Jackson’s The Drop Zone Diet you’ll lose an incredible 14 pounds in 14 days! It’s rapid – it’s intense – and IT WORKS! I designed the Drop Zone Diet as a scientist. In the pulse-pounding tradition of W.E.B. Griffin and Richard Marcinko, here is a pure adrenaline skydive into enemy territory – a top-notch military adventure written by an Air Force Combat Crewmember who knows firsthand what awaits in … 3 The No-Drop ZoneEverything You Need to Know about the … The book also covers every aspect of riding in a group, emphasizing such specific skills as how to avoid bumping into other riders when riding in close quarters and fixing a flat quickly enough to rejoin the group. Ethan Blake is seventeen and desperate to escape from his dead-end life. 5 iMovie ’09 & iDVD: The Missing Manual: The Missing Manual Drag into the drop zone editor. To open the new Drop Zone editor, click Editor as shown in Figure 16-9. Thumbnails appear beneath the menu screen with dotted lines, all present and accounted for, so that you don’t have to wait for them to … David Pogue, Aaron Miller, 2009 Other Ways to Add Items You can also add items to a drop zone by dragging them from the Finder: simply drag the items’ icons into the drop zone or drop zone editor. And you can drag photos from iPhoto and other programs directly into a … 7 IMovie HD & IDVD 5: The Missing Manual Phase 4: Design the Menu Screen – Editing a drop zone slideshow. If you’ve decided to create a mini-slideshow within the drop zoneyou may wonder how you’re supposed to adjust the order of the photos. Figure 15-14 tells all. Tip: Instead of … Most of Apple’s animated themes include special bordered areas marked as drop zones. These locations have nothing to do with skydiving; rather, a drop zone is a placeholder in the Menu that can hold a single video clip or photograph. 9 Apple Pro Training Series: Motion 4 You can add new drop zones or convert any graphic or video layer into a drop zone. Since the video clips are already present in this project, you will convert each clip into a drop zone. To add a new drop zone to a project, choose Object … 10 iMovie ’11 & iDVD: The Missing Manual As ifyou couldn’t guess, the words “Drop Zone” (Figure 17-9) indicate where the drop zones are. Figure 17-9: Double-click any drop zone, or click the Drop Zone Editor button, to bring up the interactive drop zone editor shown here. Note that … David Pogue, Aaron Miller, 2011


Erfahre, worüber man in den einheimischen und internationalen Medien spricht und wie der Begriff drop zone im Kontext der folgenden Nachrichten gebraucht wird. Army to cut 75 jobs in Fairbanks, 2600 in Anchorage A paratrooper with the Army’s 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division drops toward the Malamute Drop Zone on Joint Base … «Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, Jul 15» Skydivers seek the thrill or conquering their fears. As he approached the drop zone, Shackelford learned that a commercial plane was approaching from about two miles away. He turned away … «The Spokesman Review, Jul 15» Airborne members welcome at Ottawa picnic The annual 82nd Airborne John Steele Chapter picnic is scheduled for noon Sunday at the “Dumke Drop Zone,” 1911 Champlain St., Ottawa. «The Times, Jul 15» Summer transfer window: One position YOUR team must improve … Tim Sherwood’s side are in need of recruitments all over the field, having once more sailed too close to the drop zone last season. «Mirror.co.uk, Jul 15» Terror in the sky! Skydive Dubai plane makes emergency landing Images uploaded to social media show the aircraft burning in a desert area near the drop zone, as well as skydivers walking through the sand … «Al-Bawaba, Jul 15» MSL Round Report: Away wins dominate Matchday 15 Erwin Carillo’s looped effort capped a wonderful 3-1 win for the visitors to give them a little bit of gap to the drop zone. Austin Amutu and … «Goal.com, Jul 15» Cricket: County One round-up – July 9 ST GLUVIAS got a welcome third win of the season to keep above the drop zone. Scott Stevens top scored for Ludgvan with 61 and Kyle … «The Cornishman, Jul 15» Women’s racquets round-up Yelverton B are also in the drop zone after being beaten 8-0 at Looe B. Yelverton C lost by the same score to Plympton B in Division Five. «Plymouth Herald, Jul 15» I have no problem with my weight, says Fiamenyo … the first round of the Ghana Premier League but is yet to find sucess in the second round, with the Phobians sitting just above the drop zone. «Goal.com, Jul 15» Will We Sign A Striker? If that is the case, my play off predictions will be banished into thin air and we will undoubtedly be scrapping in and around the drop zone. «Vitalfootball, Jul 15» REFERENZ « EDUCALINGO. Drop zone [online] , Dez 2022 ». Laden Sie die educalingo App herunter Entdecke mehr Wörter auf Drop Zone Carowinds.

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