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You’re driving in the middle of nowhere and then your Internet reception goes down – that’s how horror movies begin. The offline maps from Google Maps can save the day. We tell you how to download and use them offline on Android and iOS devices. There are situations when it is not only convenient, but necessary to use Google Maps offline. For example, in some regions the network coverage is poor, so you can’t access the online features of the map service. And using the Internet in other EU countries can result in high roaming charges. Google Maps offers offline maps so that you do not have to do without navigation. Before you can use Google Maps offline with an Android device, you have to download the maps. Logically, this is best done before your trip or excursion to very remote areas. Download offline maps:

  1. Make sure you have an internet connection.
  2. Launch the Google Maps app.
  3. Sign in to your account if necessary.
  4. Search for the place of your choice.
  5. Select the name or address of the place in the search results.
  6. Tap “Download.”
  7. Manually define the area you want the map to cover, if desired.
  8. Tap “Download” again.

Now the corresponding offline map from Google Maps should be stored in the internal memory of the device. Important: Google points out that it is not possible to download maps for offline use in some regions. This may be because, for example, the address format commonly used there is not supported or because the mobile network provider does not allow the download of offline maps. Please accept the use of third-party integrations by clicking the following button:

Android: Save Maps offline maps to SD card.

Alternatively, save the offline maps to an SD card – here’s how:

  1. Insert an SD card into your Android device.
  2. Launch the Google Maps app.
  3. Log in to your account if necessary.
  4. Open your personal account.
  5. Select “Offline maps”.
  6. Tap the gear icon in the upper right corner.
  7. Under “Device”, select “Storage settings”.
  8. Tap on “SD card”.

Then, follow the steps to download the maps. Note: If you are using Android 6.0 or higher, the SD card must support offline map storage. If you encounter any problems, it is best to contact the manufacturer or mobile carrier.

Offline map download with iPhone and iPad

If you want to download offline maps from Google Maps using an Apple device, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have an Internet connection.
  2. Open the Google Maps app.
  3. Exit the incognito mode if it is active.
  4. Search for the place of your choice.
  5. Select the name or address of the place below.
  6. Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  7. Select “Download offline map”.
  8. Define the map section manually if desired.
  9. Tap on “Download”.

Using Google Maps offline

There is no special mode in which you can use Google Maps offline – whether with Android devices or with an iPhone or iPad. Instead, you use Google Maps normally and the app automatically accesses the downloaded offline maps when the connection to the Internet weakens or drops completely. Limitations The app provides you with directions for your car using saved Google Maps offline maps, but it cannot calculate routes for cyclists, pedestrians or public transport. Without an Internet connection, the following online features are also not available:

  • Current traffic situation
  • Alternative routes
  • Lane guidance

Android users can set Google Maps to always use offline maps when there is no Wi-Fi connection – this saves mobile data volume and optimizes battery performance. This is how you make the setting:

  1. Start the Google Maps app.
  2. Log in to your account if necessary.
  3. Open your personal account.
  4. Tap on the gear icon.
  5. Select “Wi-Fi only”.

Have you ever used offline maps from Google Maps? What are your experiences with it? Tell us in the comments. You might also be interested in this:

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HOW TO USE MAP SERVICES AND NAVIGATION ON YOUR… Most people use the Google Maps app to find their way in unfamiliar surroundings. We show you how to save your desired route on your Android smartphone or iPhone so that you can access it offline afterwards.

  1. Save Google Maps and use them offline

If you don’t want to miss out on Google Maps when you’re in a foreign city or abroad, you can also use Google’s map service offline without incurring expensive roaming charges. To do this, you can download the maps you need via your home Wi-Fi network and save them on your smartphone before you start your trip. You can map an area of up to 50×50 kilometers in one map section. You can easily map larger areas with several smaller sections. You can use the saved maps on your smartphone for up to 30 days. After that, you have to update your saved maps once via an active Internet connection. We will show you how to create and save the map sections in the following instructions. Alternatively, we’ll show you how to download maps for offline navigation using Here Maps.

Save Google Maps and use them offline

Note We have created the following instructions with the current Android version of Google Maps. However, since the user interfaces of the Google Maps app hardly differ between the various operating systems, you should also be able to follow the steps we have shown with an iOS device.

Download a Maps map

  1. 1 Open Google Maps on your smartphone and search for a map section, for example “Hamburg HBF”.
  2. 2For the following input command, you must delete the previously entered text by tapping on the small “X” symbol. Then enter “ok maps” in the search bar and confirm your entry.

Refining the map section

  1. 1 Now you can save the map section on your smartphone via “Download”. By moving and adjusting the blue square, you can refine your map section beforehand and zoom in or out if necessary.
  2. With Google Maps you can map an area of up to 50×50 kilometers. If you exceed this, the Maps service will not let you zoom out any further.
  3. 2 Finally, give the offline map a name and confirm with “Save”.

Displaying the offline maps

  1. 1 Open the Google Maps app on your smartphone and tap the hamburger menu in the upper left corner.
  2. 2Open the menu item “Offline maps”, where you get an overview of your downloaded map sections.
  3. 3If you later access Maps without mobile Internet access, you can use the saved maps offline.
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Don’t miss a thing with the NETZWELT newsletter Every Friday: The most informative and entertaining summary from the world of technology! Having map sections from Google Maps stored offline can be a lifesaver for drivers, especially in wireless holes © Armin Weigel / Picture Alliance / DPA Navigation in foreign terrain quickly becomes impossible without a network – unless you know how to use Google Maps offline. Then route planning works with GPS alone. Conscientious drivers who still keep a good old map in their glove compartment these days are prepared for any eventuality – but most likely outnumbered and classic “boomers.” At the latest since EU roaming was enforced, most people rely on navigation apps such as Apple Maps or Google Maps even on vacation. But when the network coverage is weak or the data volume runs out, smartphone users are left helpless and without a plan. To prevent this from happening, Google Maps offers the option of downloading map sections so that they can be used and viewed offline. This way, you can keep track of everything and the app can guide you through the streets using GPS alone.

Use Google Maps offline: Here’s how to download maps

  1. Open Google Maps and enter the location whose map you want to save in the search bar. Alternatively, you can tap on a place name on the map.
  2. Then tap again on the city name or address that appears below to view more info.
  3. Next to the route planning, saving and sharing options, you will find the download button on the right, which you need to tap. If you have searched for a facility, you will find the option in the menu (three dots on the top right) under “Download offline map”. iPhone users always have to go via the three-dot menu.
  4. A view opens in which you can enlarge or reduce the map section as you wish, as well as move it around. So, select the section you want and tap “Download”.

Notice: Google initially stores the maps locally on your device for one year. If you then reconnect to a Wi-Fi network, the maps will update automatically, so they will remain stored for longer.

View and use downloaded maps

  1. Go back to the main view by tapping the arrow in the left corner of the screen twice. Then open more options by clicking on your profile picture at the right end in the search bar at the top.
  2. Select the “Offline Maps” submenu.
  3. Now, when you select one of the saved maps, you can view the downloaded section by tapping on it. Here you can also delete or manually update the data.

Tip: You don’t have to open the map separately to navigate. It is enough to enter your destination in the search bar as usual and start navigation. Tip: Route planning is only possible in offline mode for car routes, but not for pedestrians, cyclists or public transport. Current traffic data cannot be included in the navigation – accordingly, you will not receive a traffic jam warning. Source: Google Maps meh #Topics

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How To Save Google Maps Offline Android.

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