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  • 28 October 2018, 09:04


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Don’t miss the latest content from this profile: sign up to receive new content from profiles and places in your personal feed Follow. You either love it or you hate it: fans’ opinions on the ending of the horror series “Haunted Hill House” vary widely. But what’s the reason for that? Caution: Spoilers for the finale! If you read through the numerous posts of the new Netflix series “Haunted Hill House” in the social media, you will not only discover a lot of praise for the story of the Crain family. Here and there, one also discovers criticism – but that exclusively concerns the finale of “Haunting of Hill House.” The final minutes were not well received by all viewers. Some fans even report that the conclusion ruined an otherwise perfect series for them. Harsh words that can be found more often on Reddit, Twitter, Tumblr & Co. That could be because “Haunted Hill House” took a different direction from horror stories we’re used to seeing.

A look into the future

To begin with, let’s just quickly refresh our memories: In the finale of “Haunted Hill House,” the now-grown Crain children end up in the Red Room, where the house has turned on Luke (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) and he’s about to die of an overdose. He is saved at the last second by his late twin sister Nell, who brings him back to life. A touching speech follows in which she forgives her siblings for blaming themselves for Nell’s death and not being there for her. After Hugh, the Crains’ father, sacrifices himself and thus remains bound to the house, the four siblings are able to escape. The series finally ends with a glimpse into the future. Two years later, we learn that Steven and Leigh are going to be parents, Shirley and Kevin are still married, Theo and Trish have apparently gotten hitched as well, and Luke has now been clean for two years.

The original ending

“Haunted Hill House” does what you wouldn’t expect from other horror stories: it ends with a happy ending in which all the major main characters survived and got a happy ending. Luke could have relapsed again, Kevin could have separated from his unfaithful wife – no, Mike Flanagan decided otherwise and finally gave his characters the happiness and peace they also deserved. Originally, he wanted to include a twist in the final minutes. The plan was to show the window of the Red Room in the background of this happy future view, which would have revealed to the audience that the children never escaped the house. Flanagan had grown too fond of the characters and changed his mind at the last minute. He couldn’t bring himself to torture the Crain siblings again.

“The rest is confetti”

Nell’s confetti speech is another point that splits fans of “Haunted Hill House” into two camps. While one side called her words “corny” and felt reminded of an overly sappy monologue from a theatrical performance, other fans found comfort in the fictional character’s words. When Nell’s ghost asks her brother Luke to move on, he asks her how he can without her. “I’m not gone. I’m shattered into infinite particles that trickle onto your life like fresh snow,” Nell replies. When her siblings tell her they feel guilty that they weren’t there for her, she says, “I loved you all. And you have loved me. That’s all that matters. The rest is confetti.” On Reddit, emotional accounts have piled up in recent days from fans about broken relationships with (deceased) family members and how much Nell’s speech moved and built them up. How did you like the conclusion of “Haunted Hill House”? “Haunted Hill House” is available on Netflix.

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