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Stewart Golf was founded more than a decade ago with the sole purpose of designing and building the best golf carts in the world. As a company owned and operated by engineers, our instinct is to design, innovate and build. This instinct has resulted in a line of golf trolleys that rival and surpass any in the world. Nestled in the idyllic Cotswolds in the southwest of the UK, we lovingly hand-build each of our trolleys. From here they are shipped all over the world, with 30% of production exported to more than 30 countries. After several years of development, the X1 Remote was launched in October 2003 to critical acclaim. Not only did the X1 Remote look like it came from outer space, it was also the first car designed specifically for remote control. Sam Torrance (who had just captained it to victory in the European Ryder Cup) was signed on as brand ambassador, and an amazing amount of editorial coverage in national magazines and newspapers followed. Stewart Golf had arrived and a 10-week waiting list for the X1R quickly formed. Stewart Golf’s continued development policy led to the X1 being followed by the X3 in 2005, the X5 in 2008 and the X7 Lithium in 2010. In 2014, the X9 Remote Bluetooth remote control and the revolutionary X9 Follow were introduced. The X9 Follow combines superior remote control functionality with a unique follow function that allows the trolley to automatically follow you down the fairway. In 2008, the F1 Lithium was introduced. The F1 Lithium offers the same stability and performance as the X-Series, but folds up small enough to fit in small cars like the Porsche 911. This was achieved by integrating the golf bag into the structure of the trolley, allowing the chassis to fold into three parts. Before the end of the year, the F1 Lithium won a Design Excellence Award from the British Business Council and also received a design award at Golf Europe, one of the world’s most important trade shows. 2014 also saw the launch of the R1 Push, the first push trolley to be hand-built in the UK. A patented rack-and-pinion mechanism gives the R1 Push a uniquely clean aesthetic, eliminating the need for external sliders that often complicate the look of other trolleys. In 2016, Stewart Golf released upgrades to the R1 Push and the F1 Lithium. The R1-S Push includes more than 40 improvements over its predecessor and offers 15 different color options. The F1-S Remote now comes with a full 2-year warranty on the trolley and battery. Notable improvements to the machine include a newly developed electronics system and a higher capacity battery.

AutoTrac™: 20 years of precision steering

The gold standard in steering systems turns 20 – the perfect occasion to look at its fascinating development and realize what we have achieved to date.

Self-propelled forage harvesters – simply chopping

With our brand new 8000 Series self-propelled forage harvesters, you can produce even more high-quality silage even more efficiently. And if you need even more power, our 9000 Series is the right choice for you.

Junior Club Advent Calendar

The John Deere Junior Club has prepared an online advent calendar for you. From Dec. 01 to Dec. 24, a new door will open every day on the Junior Club website with a new game, something to craft and many more surprises. Check it out every day to make sure you don’t miss a single door!

Save without missing out!

Discover our limited time offer on maintenance parts designed specifically for your machine. Don’t wait, find a participating distributor near you now and get the savings!

  • Happy cows are more productiveThe social needs and behavior patterns of dairy cows still closely resemble those of their ancestors. Only by understanding this natural behavior and knowing what is “normal” for a cow can you ensure her health and psychological well-being.
  • Better farm management with the help of the NIR sensorFor Sven Borchert, the manager of the Groß Germersleben farming community, complete documentation of all work steps on the farm and in the field is now a matter of course. He obtains important data during the harvest with the HarvestLab 3000.
  • SAVING THANKS TO PRECISIONFewer fertilizers and at least the same high yield? Contractor Christoph Hante has been successfully using the Strip Till method for more than ten years. He is a pioneer in Germany with this type of underfoot fertilization.
  • INFOGRAPHIC: CHANGE OF GENERATIONSEuropean agriculture is facing a demographic challenge. A situation that requires holistic solutions to ensure farm takeovers succeed.
  • CONGRATULATIONS: THE SELF-DRIVING MOWER DESTROYER turns 75!You can’t tell his age by looking at him. Because as the years go by, he gets more and more spry. For 75 years, it has been a reliable and indispensable aid in grain harvesting: the self-propelled combine harvester. John Deere has played a decisive role in the development of the jubilee machine.
  • THE BRIDGE TO BATTERYThere are a few approaches to alternative drive systems to reduce CO2 emissions from agricultural machinery. But they all come with advantages and disadvantages. With biofuels and the tractors adapted to them, however, a functioning technology is already available.
  • SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS SUCCESS THROUGH OPEN DIALOGUEIn the veins of the Pearce family runs entrepreneurial blood. However, passing that along with the farming business to the next generations hasn’t always been easy.
  • INCREASING EFFICIENCY WITH SATELLITE TECHNOLOGYThe government is increasingly restricting the use of inputs and their price has risen to unprecedented heights. Farmers are therefore asking themselves how they can use fertilizers, seeds, growth regulators and crop protection products more efficiently.

Icon Golf Carts For Sale Near Me.

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