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In Mortal Kombat 11 there are many characters that fans of the game series already know. We’ll introduce you to them, and also show you how to unlock yet unknown fighters. The links marked with a symbol or green underlining are affiliate links. If a purchase is made through them, we receive a commission – without additional costs for you! More info.

Mortal Kombat 11: The starting characters at a glance

At the beginning, you have 23 characters available in Mortal Kombat 11, and you unlock the character Frost in the story mode. In addition, there are various characters that you can get as DLCs. In parentheses you’ll find the first appearance of the respective character:

  • Baraka (MK 2): The Tarkata warrior fights with two long blades.
  • Cassie Cage (MK X): The daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade has pistols and a drone as weapons.
  • Cetrion (new): The sister of Shinnok and daughter of Kronika fights with elemental magic and uses tendrils.
  • D’Vorah (MK X): This poisonous mutant makes use of insects in battle.
  • Erron Black (MK X): This cowboy is equipped with a rifle and pistols.
  • Frost (MK Deadly Alliance): The fighter Frost must be unlocked first (below) and has ice daggers as a weapon.
  • Geras (new): New to the game is Geras. He can manipulate time and bring it to a standstill. In addition, he can shape sand and use it as weapons.
  • Jade (MK 2): Jade also fights in this part with a green staff and her claws.
  • Jacqui Briggs (MK X): Jacqui Briggs is known from the last part and comes to the ring with nothing but her fighting gloves.
  • Jax Briggs (MK 2): The fighter Briggs uses bionic arms to prevail against his enemies.
  • Johnny Cage (MK 1): Cage has always been without weapons.
  • Kabal (MK 3): In Mortal Kombat 11, Kabal also keeps his familiar hooked swords at the ready.
  • Kano (MK 1): This character is also familiar to fans of the first hour. Kano is equipped with blades.
  • Kitana (MK 2): The warrior Kitana has a fan and sai blades.
  • Kollector (new): The Kollector fights with a lantern. He also carries a chain ball in battle.
  • Kotal Kahn (MK X): This boisterous character uses totems, hooks, and macanas as weapons.
  • Kung Lao (MK 2): Liu Kang’s archrival is equipped with Raiser Hat and uses his training as a Shaolin monk against his enemies.
  • Liu Kang (MK 1): Kung Lao’s opponent is also a master of Japanese martial arts. In addition, he uses nunchucks.
  • Noob Saibot (MK 2): With his shadow, it looks like Noob Saibot is two people. At the same time, he uses a sickle as a weapon.
  • Raiden (MK 1): The God of Thunder has been around forever, fighting with a staff and able to summon lightning.
  • Scorpion (MK 1): This undead ninja fights with katanas and spears.
  • Skarlet (MK 2011): She fights with blood vessels and daggers.
  • Sonya (MK 1): The soldier Sonya uses her energy gloves to cripple enemies and can use a turret.
  • Sub-Zero (MK 2): This assassin uses ice magic and has a large war axe.

Mortal Kombat 11: DLC Characters

The following characters are available as DLCs in Mortal Combat 11:

  • The Joker (new): DC’s super-villain is one of the many guest appearances in Mortal Kombat. His weapons are varied. From a revolver to a Tommy Gun, the Joker also uses boxing gloves, exploding toys or a Batman stuffed animal.
  • Nightwolf (MK 3): The Native American Nightwolf has a tomahawk in addition to a bow and arrow.
  • Shang Tsung (MK 1): This warrior gets by without any weapons at all.
  • Shao Kahn (MK 2): The eternal boss fights with hammer and lance.
  • Sindel (MK 3): The mystical character Sindel can let out battle cries and fights with a Chinese staff weapon.
  • Spawn (new): A new character that not much is known about yet. The former assassin made a pact with the devil, and he hasn’t been the same since.
  • Terminator T-800 (new): Arnold Schwarzenegger himself makes an appearance in the new part of Mortal Kombat. The Terminator is equipped with a shotgun, MP and grenades.

Various DLC characters are at your disposal in Mortal Kombat 11 (Image:

Unlock character Frost in Mortal Kombat 11

To unlock Frost, you need to make the right choices in the story mode in chapter four.

  • If you always choose Sub-Zero here, then Frost will be part of your squad from now on.
  • So you’ll have to choose Sub-Zero four times instead of Scorpion.

Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition – Trailer

In another post we explain how to install DLC to the game in Steam.

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It is striking that “Cyberpunk 2077” was named “Game of the Year” only 16 times. Before its release, the developers at CD Projekt were able to look back on an enormous amount of hype, which was largely nullified after the role-playing game’s release. The quality of “Cyberpunk 2077” could not meet the high expectations, at least on the last-gen consoles.

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Which title is the “Game of the Year 2020” for you? Is it “The Last of Us Part 2”, “Ghost of Tsushima” or a rather less popular project? More news about The Last of Us: Part 2. Discuss this news in the PlayStation Forum (*) Links to Amazon, Media Markt, Saturn and some other retailers are usually affiliate links. When you make a purchase, we receive a small commission, with which we can finance the free usable page. You have no disadvantages in doing so. Anyone who grew up in the heyday of fighting games remembers how rare female fighters were. Granted, squads were much smaller at the time, but even among the eight characters (on average) for each game, there was usually only one woman among the group. The perfect examples of this are the two most popular games of the era: Street Fighter II had Chun-Li, while Mortal Kombat had Sonya Blade as the respective female character of each game. Fortunately, a lot has changed since then, and now game franchises like Mortal Kombat are full of iconic female fighters who can kick just as much butt as the men, and in many cases, even more. And that’s certainly true in the MK Series, as some of the fiercest competitors in the roster of a given entry are the female kombatants. Updated March 29, 2021 by Julian Beauvais : After the success of Mortal Kombat 11 and the upcoming release of the brand new Mortal Kombat movie, now seemed like a good time to revisit the epic video game fighting series. Although characters like Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Raiden are instantly recognizable in relation to the franchise, Mortal Kombat has always included strong, experienced and popular female characters such as Sonya Blade, Kitana, Mileena and Cassie Cage. In recent years, there have been several new additions to the franchise that had to be taken into account, especially since the roster of the new film is unknown in some areas.  


Khameleon has always lacked much to distinguish her, since she was originally a character based on the merged movement sets of Kitana, Mileena and Jade. In fact, Khameleon is so underrated by the creators of the series that she only appears in the non-mainline Mortal Kombat trilogy and the all-encompassing MK: Armageddon . Even if she has the opportunity to further flesh out her character in Armageddon , Khameleon still came up short on an interesting story or competitive moves. Since her whole gimmick is to copy and blend with the female ninjas, she succeeds a little too well as he does nothing noteworthy.


Despite debuting in Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero and with the developers considering adding her to the roster ever since, Sareena didn’t become a playable character in a major release until Armageddon . Although Sareena’s true debut as a playable character came in 2003 Mortal Kombat: Tournament Edition for Game Boy Advance, her moveset was just a mishmash of characters from the console version of Deadly Alliance . As one of the three demon sisters and the only one to betray Quan Chi, she has the potential to be interesting, but it’s hard to get excited about a character that is barely seen in the franchise.


It’s a widely held belief that. Mortal Kombat 4 is the worst entry in the main line MK Series. The transition to 3D let the game mechanics up a bit, but there’s also the problem that most of the new characters just sucked, including Reiko and Kai. The developers were smart enough to drop most of the game’s cast, but for some strange reason they keep bringing Tanya back. Besides appearing in Armageddon and Deception , Tanya was added as DLC in . Mortal Kombat X , leaving fans scratching their heads as to why such a third-rate character would make the cut over fan favorites like Baraka. Tanya’s big claim to fame is that she’s a traitor to Edenia, but honestly, who isn’t in the Mortal Kombat Saga?

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Another female demon from the depths of the Underrealm is Ashrah. Offered the chance of redemption and a soul cleansed of evil, Ashrah accepted and became a traitor to her kind. Ashrah’s motivations are respectable enough, as none of the warriors of Earthrealm have a taste for demon evil. The biggest drawback of the character is her costume. Although it’s a nice change for a female fighter in the series to have an outfit that covers more than a swimsuit, Ashrah’s outfit is just boring. It looks like she stole Raiden’s hat, but combined it with an impractical veil and a bunch of white dresses that show every blood stain. With her Raiden-like Movelist, Ashrah has the potential to be a top-notch character with just a little retooling, but she’s not there yet.


As a general rule, characters that are carbon copies of previous or ‘creatively borrowed’ from other series are never particularly compelling or well received. As a hybrid of Kano and Sonya Blade, Kira’s introduction in Deception immediately drew comparisons to both of these old favorites, giving her a big hurdle to being unique and interesting. Not only is Kira a member of the Black Dragon clan like Kano, she also directly steals his cannonball special as well as one of his fighting styles from Deadly Alliance . Kira also steals from Kano’s rival, taking Sonya’s Death Kiss special move where she blinds her opponent, as well as one of Sonya’s fighting styles from Deadly Alliance . There’s nothing wrong with Kira’s personality or appearance, but players will need to see more of her than just copying other people’s moves to really welcome her to the series.


After the success of the first three Mortal Kombat games, Midway decided to take the franchise in a new direction while diving into the backstory of a popular character. Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero chronicled the story of the original Sub-Zero, Bi-Han, as he attempts to recover an amulet for the sorcerer Quan Chi. The game was notable in that it was a side-scroller rather than a fighting game, and as such featured the requisite level bosses, of which Kia was one. Part of a trio of Netherrealm demon sisters, Kia’s boomerang blade attack was arguably the weakest of the three, but she still remains a viable character for future games and movies should designers and filmmakers include her in their projects.


Jataaka, another of the three demon sisters who worked for Quan Chi, served her master well. A tougher boss than her sister Kia, Jataaka used a Darth Maul-style lightsaber to stop the elder Sub-Zero from completing his mission to steal the orb Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero . Like her two demonic accomplices, Jataaka made few appearances in the franchise after this outing, most recently in a story mode scene in 2006’s Armageddon . Perhaps the developers will look for new characters in future games, as Jataaka is just too cool in appearance and fighting style to leave to the story!


As a vampire, Nitara’s look is kind of cool, but her storyline was disconnected from everything else happening in the franchise. Her race came from a world of vampires bound to Shao Kahns, and Nitara wanted to help her people free themselves. She formed an alliance with Cyrax to recover an orb that would allow her to sever the connection. In her end, she shatters the orb without any problems and that is the end of her journey in Deadly Alliance . It’s far too neat and conclusive for a fighting game. Nitara has no real rivals in the series and she has no interesting twists. Deadly Alliance brought us a few notable characters, so it’s not like the developers didn’t know how to make interesting fighters. Nitara just wasn’t one of them.


Cetrion is a new addition to the Mortal Kombat Canon, having made her first appearance in 2019 Mortal Kombat 11 . Cetrion is an elder god whose appearance and power resemble that of an earth mother goddess, and it’s hard to imagine Cetrion as a villain. However, as the daughter of the game’s main villain, Kronika, Cetrion works tirelessly to support her mother’s goals. Cetrion definitely has some badass and fluid combos that look as pretty as they are deadly. However, it’s extremely disturbing to spend time whining about someone who resembles the symbol of our environment, especially given the poor state that Earth’s environment is in.


After years of being a secret character in the franchise, Skarlet made her long-awaited debut in the 2011 issue of Mortal Kombat where the timeline of the franchise was reconnected to avoid the events of . Armageddon . Although the game’s roster relied mostly on characters from the first three games in the series, some newcomers were did their way into the title. One of them was the downloadable warrior Skarlet, a new female ninja made of blood. This new warrior for Shao Kahn had a cool gimmick, but was very characterless. In the era of the first games, violence was a selling point for the series – but in 2011, violence in games was nothing new, so Skarlet’s brutal moveset had little shock value. Revamped to show more personality and backstory Mortal Kombat 11 , Skarlet’s future looks bright, but she was nothing more than a one-off in her debut.


Introduction of Sheeva in Mortal Kombat 3 seemed like a good idea since Goro and Kintaro were such intimidating bosses in the franchise, giving fans a playable version of the Shokan race to use and stomp people with. But like the early days of ninjas in the franchise, Sheeva just doesn’t have enough to set her apart from others like her. It’s hard to imagine much that sets Sheeva apart from the other four-armed fighters. The team behind the Mortal Kombat franchise has managed to take other characters with good concepts and make them interesting in terms of story, and has thankfully done so again with the Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath Expanding Content. With layers of complexity and shifting alliances, Sheeva has evolved far beyond a female Goro clone.


The Mortal Kombat franchise is full of Lin Kuei members, the most famous of which is, of course, Sub-Zero. Deadly Alliance introduced the first female member of the clan, with ice powers like Sub-Zero. Frost used many of the same abilities that Sub-Zero’s fans had seen in his repertoire from previous games, which was both positive and negative. On the positive side, Frost’s style gave fans of the debilitating freeze attacks another opportunity to try them out and find their favorite. The downside is that because Frost was so similar to Sub-Zero, it was hard to justify having both in the same game, and no newcomer is going to win a popularity contest with Sub-Zero.


At the time Mortal Kombat X was being developed, there was a strong push to bring fresh blood to the franchise. Rehashing each game’s original trilogy roster was getting a bit tedious, and the series needed new characters that fans actually cared about. Bringing in someone like Jacqui Briggs (daughter of series favorite ‘Jax’ Briggs) was a welcome move, but unfortunately she was overshadowed by a number of different newcomers MKX . In terms of fighting style, Jacqui has her father’s penchant for adding weapons to her repertoire, but isn’t quite the powerhouse that he is. She may be following in her father’s footsteps a bit, quickly playing second fiddle to the other heroes. Just as Jax upstages Sonya, Jacqui ends up on the sidelines while Cassie saves the day. Jacqui has potential, but fans are waiting for her to step out of Jax ‘s shadow a bit more in future games.


Ferra was an extremely unique fighter who immediately caught the attention of fans. This was not only the first Child in a fighting Mortal Kombat game, but she was also the first fighter to fight with someone else fight at the same time . Visually, the duo was very compelling as Ferra rode on Torr’s back, but based on their story, they didn’t have long together as a team. At the end of their story mode, Torr dies while Ferra becomes an enlarged, massive creature like Torr was. Their people exist symbiotically, with one riding the other until it grows up, and then the younger one becomes the new animal to be ridden. Although it looks like Torr is gone forever, fans expect Ferra to return when she looks very different. Hopefully, her story will also be more compelling and match her new look with narrative substance.


Deadly Alliance may have had a weak cadre overall, but Li Mei had the honor of being the best new female character of the bunch. Although she ended this game with a soul trapped in a mummy by Shang Tsung that seemingly put her out of commission for good, her backstory was equal parts tragic and compelling. Her inclusion in the sequel to Deadly Alliance , Deception , showed the developers’ belief in her potential, and Li Mei’s contribution to the story was greatly expanded. Her time as a mummy seemed to have changed her personality, and although she originally wanted to destroy Onaga, when she finally met him she allied with him and became his queen instead.

Do you love your mother and her two-hit multi-target attacks?

Li Mei was a pretty decent character, and if Bo Rai Cho can stage a return, fans wouldn’t mind seeing one of them Deadly Alliance ‘s other newcomers on the roster of a future game.


The Mortal Kombat franchise has never lacked epic bosses and sub-bosses that were not only incredibly difficult to defeat, but were also compelling characters in their own right. In fact, it’s hard to imagine the mythos without Shao Kahn or Shang Tsung. After almost 30 years of history, Mortal Kombat introduced its first female boss in the form of Kronika Mortal Kombat 11 . Kronika, an elder deity who also happens to be the mother of the fallen elder god Shinnok, wields insane power and has worked to effectively destroy the universe. Her ethereal nature, lightning-fast movements and Tilda Swinton-like appearance add to her fantastic mystique. It’s only a matter of time before Kronika takes on a more prominent role in future games.


Considering Sindel’s connections to important characters in Mortal Kombat , it’s surprising how few games she has participated in. After her debut in Mortal Kombat 3 , she disappeared until the events of Deception – hardly appropriate for someone who is not only the rightful queen of Edenia and Kitana’s birth mother, but also the brainwashed queen of Shao Kahn. Someone from 2011 Mortal Kombat The development team must have felt the same way, because Sindel was known to have a very prominent role in the story. She single-handedly killed the majority of the heroic characters in the game, which led to them being revived as revenants under the power of Quan Chi. Narratively, the elements are definitely there for Sindel to be a more prominent figure in the franchise’s mythos.


Jade was intriguing when she first appeared in Mortal Kombat II as one of the three secret characters in the game. Due to her quick movements, impressive offense and periodic invulnerability, she was also a pretty good character when someone tried to make life difficult for ‘Player 2′. Jade always had some pretty deadly combos, and even in her later appearances there was plenty of potential for unique attacks thanks to her signature personnel. For most of the franchise, Jade was pretty much defined as Kitana’s best friend. In a series where lasting friendships are rare, that’s a cool little detail, but it also puts Jade in a role that makes her seem secondary to the princess. In recent years, Jade has added a few more details to her story, such as being a general in Kitana’s army, but it’s hard not to see her as just an accessory to other characters’ stories.


Despite being such a newcomer to the franchise, Cassie immediately caught the attention of many people. As the daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade, she would be expected to be very cocky but also a fierce opponent, and she certainly lives up to those preconceptions. Cassie has the skills to hang with some of the top fighters Mortal Kombat But she’s also so confident that she debuted one of the funniest and most memorable fatalities in the game: taking a selfie with her dead opponent and posting it on social media.

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Cassie is also undoubtedly impressive in the context of franchise history. When everyone else fell by the wayside against Shinnok’s corrupt figure, Cassie was the last woman standing. In a clear moment of torchlight, Cassie was the one to defeat this latest threat to the worlds of down Mortal Kombat and took her place to lead the franchise into a new era.


When new characters are introduced in a fighting game, it’s always interesting to see which of them, if any, resonate with players. Fortunately, Mortal Kombat X really struck gold and spawned a cast of characters that fit right into the franchise, including the crazy D’Vorah. The insect-like fighter managed to be annoying even by today’s standards. She brutally killed Baraka by ripping out his brains, and later killed Mileena by filling her with insects that devoured her from the inside, in a scene that would make even the most seasoned veteran of . Mortal Kombat’ ‘s stomach turn nauseous. There’s no way anyone played Mortal Kombat X could forget D’Vorah, arguably the best fighter the franchise has seen in a long time.


The woman who started it all, Sonya Blade is the original female badass Mortal Kombatant. From her beginnings wearing ugly bright green sweatpants to her most recent stint as a soldier and fighter while caring for a daughter, Sonya has withstood the test of time. However, her status as one of the original fighters doesn’t mean she was always popular, as she and Kano’s absence from absence Mortal Kombat II was a direct result of them being the least popular characters from the original game. Nevertheless, Sonya Blade has become more popular among the fanbase over the years. Although there are probably still a few women who are more popular than her in the series, the character must be given credit for being a trailblazer in the franchise, and immediately everywhere and whenever the phrase ‘women of’ comes to mind Mortal Kombat ” is pronounced.


When Sonya stayed on the sidelines after the original Mortal Kombat , she was replaced by two new female characters who would end up being the female equivalent of Scorpion and Sub-Zero of the franchise. And just as Scorpion revealed that he was more than meets the eye when he unmasked and showed his true skeletal face, Mileena showed during her death that under her mask she was actually a snarling Tarkatan with fangs, just like Baraka. Despite a face that was prepared to devour her opponents, Mileena still became very popular among the fans of the franchise. It wasn’t until Mortal Kombat X that her story started to deviate from being just Kitana’s clone, when she actually went out on her own and tried to conquer the throne of Outworld. Of all the female characters in the franchise, Mileena immediately grabs everyone’s attention when it is revealed that she will be on the roster.


Aside from Sonya’s longer tenure, Mileena and Kitana are the quintessential female characters in the MK List and lore, and Kitana’s brand fans give her a visual edge over her sister/clone in terms of mainstream recognition. Kitana’s story was interesting from the beginning, as she believed Shao Kahn was her father and Mileena was her sister. Kitana then discovered that her ‘father’ actually conquered her home kingdom of Edenia, killed her biological father, and took her mother as his wife. She also discovered that Mileena was not her sister, but a clone developed in Shang Tsung’s Flesh Pits. As the rightful princess of Edenia, Kitana realized that she had been lied to all her life and rebelled against her adoptive father. She fought even harder when he dared to resurrect her mother to conquer the Earth Kingdom. Kitana’s story has constantly evolved and remained interesting, her costume is iconic and her fighting style makes her an enduring element like few others in the Mortal Kombat Mythos. MORE: 10 comic books based on video games that are really worth reading Mortal Kombat Strongest To Weakest.

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